Chili Pepper │ Vodka

Chili Pepper │ Vodka

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The Story of HAPA

HAPA means part Hawaiian. We proudly use it to label our Hawaiian vodkas created by blending, the last step of the distilled spirits making process, and the secret of exceptional spirits.

Blending is an art form, and our Master Blender combines our Hawaiian spirits with the best spirits in the world to create a masterpiece.

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About Hawaiian Chili Peppers


Tasting Notes


Distillers Details

Infusion: Hawaiian Chili Peppers
Distilled Spirit Base: Hawaiian & Brazilian Sugarcane Spirit
Resting Period: Seven (7) Days
Alcohol: 35% Alc./vol   Size: 750mL


Additional information

Weight 3.3 lbs
Dimensions 3.1875 × 6.25 × 16.75 in


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577 Pakala St, Honolulu, HI 96825


09:00am ~ 5.00pm


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Based on 25 Reviews
Alexander G.
Alexander G.
2018-06-29 14:04:22
It's always fun to try something new, even when it's so close by. After a birthday lunch at Kona Brewing in Hawaii-Kai, I thought it was the perfect time to...
Al L.
Al L.
2018-10-23 22:36:29
The four of wanted to do something different, so why not some vodka tasting. With a reservation for the 11:00am time slot, we parked out front and entered...
Gwendolyn D.
Gwendolyn D.
2018-05-27 23:42:58
Such a great tour! Having Veronica, Betty, and Rudy (or Ruth?) - the distiller's dogs - greet and accompany us on the tour was a special touch. I learned...